Crest Audio VS-450 Professional Power Amplifier


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The Crest Vs450 integrates cost-effective design with exception-
al sonic accuracy, long-term reliability, and basic features
required for a variety of professional applications.
The Vs450’s remarkable price/performance ratio is the result of
innovative engineering and highly efficient manufacturing in
Crest’s modern USA facility–along with nearly two decades of
leadership in professional amplifier design. However, no com-
promises in component selection or quality control were permit-
ted as a shortcut to cost reductions. In every respect, the Vs450
embodies the Crest Audio tradition of roadworthy ruggedness
and reliability. For example, the Vs450 includes the same
protection features as found in Crest’s CA, CKS,
CKV and CKX Series amplifiers. That means the Vs450 will
endure virtually any type of mishap or system stress–from uncon-
trolled ‘upstream’ oscillation to extreme ambient heat or acciden-
tal shorting–without damage to internal circuitry or connected
Equally suited to permanent installation or mobile applications,
the Vs450 offers a welcome balance of exceptional audio perfor-
mance and overall value.