DIY HA / IOT Coaching and Consulting

depositphotos_80096000-software-development-Do you want to learn more about IoT Home Automation?

Did you just buy a system but not sure where to turn?

Overwhelmed by the choices and want some recommendations?

NPSRS can help.

We have a weekly LiveStream Live Code Fridays on YouTube that past episodes can walk you though the basics to advanced concepts.

However, some people may want private coaching or even tutoring on how to learn how to code, or how to do basic to advanced concepts in Home Automation.

Private Coaching

That’s why we offer private coaching sessions.  We can do remote coaching and tutoring via web conferencing software, so that you can do the work and we can help you along the way.  If you want to learn to code, great, we can teach you.  If you already know how to code, but not sure where to begin in the languages of IoT, we can help translate.  If you already have things working, but you feel it could be better, we can do code reviews.

Consulting and Development

If you don’t want to do it yourself, we can do it for you.  From writing custom apps, programming rules or even designing a complete system for you and finding local people to do the install, we can help.


Initial Conversation (online, email, or other)


Private Coaching and/or Tutoring

$50 / hour

Consulting and/or Development

$100 / hour

We prefer paypal as a payment method, but can accept other forms of payment.

Also, we offer bulk discounts or can quote out more complex projects on a project basis.  Contact us for more information.